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Our Services

Learn about our history and work

Your “One-Stop-Shop” for Service Management DBD offers master solutions services operating in North America and Africa. We have a large and growing talent base, focused on a broad and deep service portfolio, to lead replacement, expansion, innovation and enterprise service management.

Solutions Delivery

DBD provides comprehensive Solutions Delivery across a full range of technology specializations and is recognized as an industry leader for delivering innovative and cutting-edge ICT solutions.


We understand that the successful delivery of a technology solution is highly dependent on:

1. An initial design that fulfills the client’s requirements;

2. A clearly defined scope of work for both employees and contractors; and

3. Stakeholder communication of the status of works and relevant risks.


We have built a reputation on providing trusted advice and a structured strategic approach to solution and project delivery. By leveraging our Engineering and Project Management experience, we minimize risk and focus on mission critical operations.


Further, DBD is vendor neutral meaning we can objectively and independently represent the interests of your organization rather than those of outside companies.


DBD is flexible in its contracting approach, whether we are serving as a systems integrator, designer and or implementer, we can and will deliver your projects on schedule and within budget.


Our Consultants have vast hands-on experience in planning, managing and delivering large complex scopes of work for many across Mining, Oil and Gas, Military and Defense, Civilian, and the commercial and public sector organizations.


Post project implementation, DBD is able to provide Support Services allowing for predictive and preventative monitoring of network faults or serious outages.

Technology - Consulting - Solutions

Support Services

For operations that function continuously around the clock, DBD is able to provide Support Services through an overarching network operations center allowing for predictive and preventative monitoring of network faults or serious outages whilst also providing information to assist in the optimization and performance of the new infrastructure and/or framework.


Our Support Services model is tailored to the client’s requirements and can entail: remote access support, call center support and or on-site support.


Clients can rely on a secure system with continuous proactive remote network monitoring and management to maximize its infrastructure and ensure integrity and availability.

Advisory Services

Strategic ICT advisory to realize your business strategy

DBD’s ICT Advisory services provide strategic advice in helping organizations and businesses maximize their Information Communication Technology assets in an effective and flexible manner and achieve their business goals.


Our proven capability to interpret and transform a client’s vision into a road map of requirements and prioritized action objectives is testament to our effectiveness in delivering cutting edge and tailor made ICT strategies and solutions.


Utilizing a customized approach and ensuring an integrated and collaborative environment, our recommendations and solutions are delivered through a practical approach. Our advice focuses on delivering quality solutions to achieve your business goals.


We take pride in our reputation which stems from our decades of formal and practical ICT experience. Our motto is to measure twice and cut once, to develop the right solution each and every time.

Cloud Advisory Services

ICT Strategic Services

Enterprise Architecture Solutions


ICT Management Training Program

Bridge the Gap between business and ICT – “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Nelson Mandela

Don’t just keep up with change – lead it

This unique training brings it all together. Technological knowledge and practical skills application. Self-leadership and change management. Communication and networking.

Our new way of learning

It makes serious work fun through simulations, role play and competitions. We foster a dynamic and interactive learning environment to keep trainees engaged and interested.

Talented SME guest speakers

Learn from experienced subject matter experts who share best practices and real world experiences to ensure direct benefits for your organization.

Get the ICT competitive advantage

The role of ICT management is shifting rapidly. DBD ICT Academy trainees are now more valuable than ever to their employers. And they are the ones leading the change.

Organizational Benefits

  • The personal performance of the trainee is significantly improved
  • ICT management becomes genuinely able to support business needs
  • Efficiently managed ICT brings a clear competitive advantage
  • The organization will succeed in meeting the challenges of a changing environment

Trainee Benefits

  • Your own thinking will evolve
  • You will become more aware of the requirements of your organization
  • You become a better leader
  • You will get your message heard by the management
  • You will improve your career advancement opportunities