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Oil & Gas

Optimize Energy Efficiency

Communications plays a critical role in all aspects of the Oil and Gas industry. It is fundamental for the safe, reliable, efficient and effective operations of any upstream, midstream and downstream asset.


DBD’s expertise is best defined as applying information and communication technology to enable Oil and Gas projects to achieve success by supporting process control, safety systems and operational voice and data applications. Our enormous experience in Upstream and Midstream projects can provide expertise with:

Technology - Consulting - Solutions
ICT Strategy

Identifying the appropriate technological direction for both new and mature operations, taking into consideration the requirements and constraints of the business and operating environment including how to gracefully achieve the target mode of operation.

Telecommunications, Radio and SCADA Solutions Delivery

Managing and delivering multi-discipline, multi-technology, multi-vendor solutions that can be augmented and maintained by designing, implementing and commissioning a solution using systematic processes in the planning, development, installation, commission, testing and acceptance phases.

Engineering Support Services

Our Engineering team provides on-site and remote network and operations support ensuring that the communication technologies continue to support production.

Technology - Consulting - Solutions

Dedicated to Excellence

We have a proven track record in delivering ICT Solutions for the conventional and unconventional Oil and Gas sectors and have worked on many Energy projects along with a number of operators globally.


Our Consultants are respected within the industry and have a deep understanding on how to deliver leading-edge, fit-for-purpose reliable ICT solutions.


Our industry experience has also allowed us to forge strong bonds with multinational corporations in the upstream and downstream sectors of the industry. We provide consulting services to help new companies break into emerging markets with favorable bilateral trade agreements for supply and offloading of raw and refined crude oil products such as PMS, AGO and Jet fuel.