Mission Statement - Divine By Design
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Mission Statement

enterprise architecture solutions

DBD’s highest priority has been, is and will always be our customers. We constantly strive to meet the needs of those who entrust us with their processes, projects and requirements.


We consistently attempt to sustain a corporate culture based on integrity, one that’s focused on treating customers ethically and making their priorities, our priorities. The quality of our team, and the dedication and skills they bring to their craft, embodies our commitment to our customers.


To serve our customers at the optimum level, we pride ourselves in discovering team members with the highest intellectual capital available, providing them with challenging opportunities and fostering their initiative and innovation.


Our motto is “First of all, Servants of all, We shall transcend all” because we are determined to be number one, displaying quality in all that we craft and ensuring the best value for our clients. At DBD, we are and the client is, Number One!