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Cloud Advisory Services

Virtual Architecture for Flexibility & Scalability


DBD continually studies and evaluates global cloud services and  products operating in the local and international markets. We can assist you in the assessment and implementation of public, private and hybrid Cloud technologies and services, and appropriate sourcing and procurement strategies.


Our Cloud adoption methodology commences with an assessment of the existing and future business requirements and IT systems to develop a tailored Cloud adoption strategy and roadmap to support business productivity and efficiency. Customized cloud design, integration and continuous management are also developed as a one stop service solution.


DBD provides scalable, redundant frameworks to assess, develop and implement cloud services including:

Technology - Consulting - Solutions

Cloud Strategy Advisory

  • Understanding key Cloud technologies and service providers
  • Establishing Business Roadmap for Cloud Adoption
  • Assessing the organization’s readiness for Cloud adoption
  • Developing Feasibility Study including ROI and Benefits Analysis for Cloud adoption

Cloud Technology Advisory Service

  • Evaluation of the current IT environment and Business System
  • Recommendations of high-level and detailed Conceptual Designs of Cloud Models and integration architecture
  • Development of a Cloud adoption action plan including sourcing and procurement

Cloud Adoption Services

  • Developing detailed Business Cases, Strategies and Plans to execute requirements
  • Management of sourcing, procurement and implementation projects including organizational change management
  • Service Provider management including Service Level Agreements and Service Process Integration

For a confidential, obligation-free chat on how your organization or business can adopt a cloud strategy contact us.