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CCTV Solutions

CCTV Solutions for the Enterprise

It is essential that organizations correctly assess their comprehensive CCTV solutions needs prior to committing to a purchasing decision.


There are many factors to consider that ensures a CCTV project is a success, and if these are not properly addressed from the beginning there is increased risk of budget and schedule overruns, stakeholder needs may not be met, and/or the solution may not be complete or cost effective in the long term.


Elements for a CCTV Solution include:

  • compliance with Privacy Legislation and industry/equipment standards;
  • engagement with the community, businesses and law enforcement stakeholders;
  • the location and mounting of the devices;
  • network connectivity options;
  • integration with existing alarm and access systems;
  • development and implementation of new policies and procedures;
  • ongoing maintenance; and
  • archiving, securing and sharing of data.


Addressing these and other critical factors will ensure a complete and cost effective solution that meets an organization’s specific needs, is accurately costed and can be leveraged to provide future business benefit.


Camera and control system technology is rapidly advancing to capture better vision and provide broader applications. Video data is not only being used for security response purposes, it is now being used to assist organizations in analyzing traffic and pedestrian flows, crowd control and safety, and for evidence in the event of crime or incident.

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Making the Right Choice

Choosing the appropriate equipment requires a careful assessment of requirements from not only the internal security team, it also requires input from other stakeholders within the organization as well as external parties such as law enforcement agencies, surrounding businesses and the broader community. All these requirements need to be gathered to help determine the most appropriate type of camera, the best location, how to mount the device, connecting it to your network to meet the speed and bandwidth requirements, and ongoing camera protection and maintenance.


Affordable Integrated Solutions

The organization must also consider whether it seeks to integrate its CCTV with other security system such as alarms and access controls. There is significant productivity and financial savings to be made in combining these security functions through one integrated system.

An assessment must be made on how the video will be used and as a result how much data will be captured and stored. This is achieved by understanding the number of devices, the video data retention requirements, access control policies to the video and so on. This determines the best storage device required for the circumstances and the best method of sharing information with other parties.


These are just a few of the requirements that need to be assessed and defined so the CCTV project is clearly outlined prior to engaging a contractor to supply and install the solution.


DBD is an independent consultancy that works with clients to achieve business outcomes through effective technology investment. Our comprehensive CCTV solutions project checklist together with our business and technology consulting skills will ensure a CCTV project is fully defined and meets the specific needs as cost effectively as possible. We can even help prepare business cases and grant submissions to get the project funded as well as develop any tender documents and manage the procurement process.