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About the Company

Learn about our history and work
Technology - Consulting - Solutions

Mission Statement

With excellence and integrity as our core values, our mission is to provide our clients enterprise solutions with:

  • Trailblazing leadership that guides effective technology and enterprise optimization for the future.
  • Creative innovative solutions to meet and exceed information, systems and network needs where and when they are required worldwide.
  • World class professionalism committed to the success of all missions we serve.
  • Value added services.

Our Culture

The pillars of DBD’s culture is the engine powering our success. DBD’s culture defines who we are, how we carry ourselves, and what we know is the correct way to serve our customers. Our culture binds us as a company and motivates us to strive for new heights. As we work towards DBD’s future, our culture will continue to be the compass that directs us and the light that illuminates our path, guides our actions, strengthens our reputation, and increases our determination to meet our clients’ every need.

Technology - Consulting - Solutions

Operational Philosophy

1. Supreme Clientele
2. Principle Guiding Conduct
3. Craftsmanship Standards
4. Cream of the Crop
5. Accountability Above All
6. Superior Distinction Amongst Peers
7. Value Added Service

Our Enterprise Solutions Team

Our team is comprised of innovative engineers and support staff that delivers the people, processes, infrastructure and technologies that align with our clients organizational needs to effectively deploy enterprise solutions that meet their objectives. Our consultants are professionals with decades of combined experience and expertise in the fields of systems engineering, telecommunication, networking, computer science, software development, broadband technology and ICT solutions.


Our Vision

To harness the knowledge, professionalism, dedication, commitment to excellence and devotion to continuous improvement — acquired over the years from world class economies — and seamlessly transfer them to new and emerging markets. In achieving this we would have transformed the status quo of business and service in these markets to heights never before achieved.

Business Drivers

Around the globe, organizations of every size and in every industry are under intense and growing pressure to reduce their operating expenditures. They must, at the same time, transform their business processes, protect and secure their mission critical assets, constantly improve organizational agility, and rapidly respond to the new information, knowledge and service economy it has created.